Actual Advanced Distribution In Respect Of The Period From 1 April 2018 To 17 September 2018 - Capital Distribution Component

BackSep 24, 2018
Announcement Title Capital Distribution
Date & Time of Broadcast Sep 24, 2018 7:11
Status Replace
Corporate Action Reference SG180906CAPDSLE1
Submitted By (Co./ Ind. Name) Mary Judith de Souza
Designation Company Secretary
Dividend/ Distribution Number Applicable
Value 57
Financial Year End 31/03/2019
Dividend/ Distribution Period 01/04/2018 TO 17/09/2018
Number of Days 170
Event Narrative
Narrative Type Narrative Text
Additional Text Ascendas Reit's actual distribution of 7.25 cents per Unit for the period from 1 April 2018 to 17 September 2018 comprising :-
(1) taxable income distribution of 6.62 cents per Unit; and
(2) capital distribution of 0.63 cent per Unit.
Taxation Conditions The Capital Distribution is treated as a return of capital to Unitholders for Singapore income tax purpose and is therefore not subject to Singapore income tax. For Unitholders who are liable to Singapore income tax on profits from sale of Units, the amount of Capital Distribution will be applied to reduce the cost base of their Units for Singapore income tax purposes.
Additional Text Please refer to the attached announcement for details.
Event Dates
Record Date and Time 17/09/2018 17:00:00
Ex Date 13/09/2018
Disbursement Details
Cash Payment Details
Payment Type Tax Not Applicable
Gross Rate (per share) SGD 0.0063
Net Rate (per share) SGD 0.0063
Pay Date 17/10/2018
Gross Rate Status Actual Rate

Applicable for REITs/ Business Trusts/ Stapled Securities


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